• Clinimax Ltd works with healthcare professionals providing a highly effective infection prevention and control product, advice and training that help protect patients from life threatening conditions. We are specialists in the development of chemical agents designed to fight micro-organisms linked with Healthcare Associated (Nosocomial) Infections.

    We work by turning innovative ideas into reality through cutting edge research and development and the manufacture of highly effective infection prevention and control products. Our advanced antimicrobial agents are supplied in user friendly formats to suit a variety of disinfection needs in the healthcare setting.

    Bio-security is increasingly important in today’s world of new and potentially fatal pathogens. Micro-organisms are continually evolving, making new disease strains a constant threat in all areas of healthcare. As the creators and manufacturers of Difficil-S® and by working closely with infection prevention and control specialists, we supply the agents that spearhead the battle against antibiotic resistant bacteria, blood borne viruses, spore forming pathogens and other infectious agents that can cause so much damage in Healthcare environments.

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  • Carrs Group PLC Acquires Clinimax Ltd

    We are delighted to confirm that Carrs Group have bought the Animax group of companies including Clinimax Ltd. Carrs is an international business with a long history of innovation and technology and is headquartered in Cumbria.

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